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edX Data Science Orientation – Module 1 & 2

Module 1: The Data Science Curriculum

This module explains the journey of the data science course. It is very informative and I really like the way they delivered message > Easy and Clear!


Module 2: Data Science Fundamentals

  1. Working with data
  2. Exploring data
  3. Visualizing data
  4. Slicing and dicing data
  5. Pivot table and Pivot chart

As I have been working on data with Excel for few years so this module is relatively simple to me. I found one interesting part in visualising data, which is introduced by pretty Liberty (Sorry to say initially I was thinking why she is just sitting there, as a flower vase?! Surprisingly, she is actually an expert!)

Well, she introduced 2 of her favourite charts, which I am interested in:

  1. Histogram
    1. Graphical representation of the distribution of numerical data.
    2. Estimate of the probability distribution of a continuous variable
  2. Box and Whisker Chart
    1. Graphically depicting groups of numerical data through their quartiles in descriptive statistics
    2. Box plots may also have lines extending vertically from the boxes (whiskers) indicating variability outside the upper and lower quartiles
    3. Outliers may be plotted as individual points.

Both of them are very useful in data analysis!

Module 3, to be continued…


Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science

Finally, I started my blog with the first post on Data Science Course provided by Microsoft.

Ta Dang!!! Screenshot of my first course of Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science


Well, data will be in an unimaginable volume one day. Taking this course is a kick start for my data adventure. Instead of being frightening by the size of data, I would like to turn it into the powerful thing!

I am now taking the first orientation course for Data Science course. There are 3 modules and 1 lab to be completed. The first module is guidance and introduction to Data Science course. The second module is the important base for a beginner that has zero knowledge of Excel. The third module is the most challenge to me because my statistic course was taken like 7 years ago and I have totally forgotten what I had learnt in University. Anyhow, all the modules focus on building the base in excel and statistic for the coming courses, so they are pretty easy to follow (even though I have not finished Module 3 yet, but soon I will).

I have a contract with my company that I must complete the Data Science course in 2 years, so I have to start the course, no matter how! Last but not least, this also brought the idea of start blogging! Start with my experience in Data Science course provided by Microsoft.

Thank you, Microsoft!

Thank you, my lovely company for sponsoring!